Sworn to Protect ~ Audio

Sworn to Protect - Jo Davis

Book Blurb

Sugarland loves their men in blue, especially Detective Shane Ford. But Shane’s mission to protect and to serve has just gotten personal…

Detective Shane Ford, Sugarland’s favorite cop, has been blindsided by the sudden death of his best friend, NFL star Brad Cooper, and becoming the legal guardian of Brad’s son, Drew—a bitter, angry sixteen-year-old with a dangerous secret. Shane is determined to pry the truth from Drew, but only manages to alienate him—and winds up going head to head with Juvenile Detective Daisy Callahan, whose job is to protect the teen’s best interests.

Shane has always been drawn to Daisy’s beauty and strength, but he’s determined not to allow their intense attraction to interfere with his duty ever again. It’s a vow that will prove difficult to keep, as the realities of Shane and Daisy’s blossoming love and their growing bond with the grieving teen propel Shane headlong into danger for the new family he’s sworn to protect



~My Thoughts~


not bad, but not great. Both Shane and Daisy had a couple of TSTL moments and it was pretty predictable. The secondary characters were a bit more interesting so will probably try the next book before I decide if I am going to continue the series or not



This is narrated by Sean Crisden he is a first time narrator for me and it took a little bit for me to get used to his voice but I ended up liking the narration and it actually helped the book, I was close to just not finishing but the narration was good enough to keep me listening