Long Road Home ~ Audio Book

Long Road Home - Maya Banks

Narration 4 stars ~ Story 2.5/3 stars


Title: Long Road Home
Author: Maya Banks
Narrator: Rebecca Estrella
Publisher/Date: AudioGO, 10/01/13


The blurb
CIA counterterrorism expert Manuel Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves, who disappeared while on a trip to France. Then Jules Trehan suddenly turns up in a Colorado hospital bed, and Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Jules has been forced to become a terrorist assassin. Manny races to get her to Washington, knowing her testimony will finally bring down the organization. But Jules must pull off one last job or Manny's life will be forfeit. It's a mission she must complete even if it means betraying the only man she has ever loved



I actually found Jules to be very irritating and at times just TSTL...I mean..really you don't think you can be tracked and/or your location found by turning on your cell phone??? You really never considered that a tracking device was put on you???


And Manny...seriously you have been in love with Jules

and planned on asking her to marry you when she came back

(show spoiler)

...yet she had no clue you had feelings for her of that other than a brother/best friend... and both of you with the secrets and thinking the other could never understand and you had to protect the other....


For me the story was kinda "meh" not bad but not great, I just did not find myself liking Jules or Manny a whole lot. I did think Rebecca Estrella did a great job on the narration which made it much easier to finish a book that, had I not been reviewing I most likely would not have finished it.