Graphic Audios

I love audio books, I do a lot of driving for work so I do most of my listening while driving and found that I don't speed as much when listening to books and I don't mind traffic as much (unless of course I am running late for something)


The first full cast narration I ever listened to was "His Dark Materials" series by Philip Pullman and I loved it.  A couple of years later I found the Dante Valentine Series by Lilith Saintcrow on Graphic Audio, not only do you have full cast narration, but you have sound effects....and while they can be a bit cheesy at times, the books are still a lot of fun to listen to.  


So far I have listened to the first couple of Dante Valentine and the first couple of books in the Jill Kismet series and have enjoyed it.  Eileen Wilks "The World of the Lupi" is now coming out in Graphic Audio and you can get Originally Human for free


I have not listened to this series yet but have book 1 and this one to start as soon as I finish the audio's I have going at the moment and I wanted to share the freebie