We Don't Have Enough Superhero's

Super Hot - Vivi Andrews

The Blurb~ 

He’s on fire for her… literally.

Superhero research scientist Dr. Eric Eisenmann always secretly wanted to be super himself, until he was abducted, experimented on, and woke up pyrokinetic—the least stable of all the super abilities. Suddenly he’s lighting everything around him on fire whenever his emotions get the better of him and desperate to turn his super powers off. Unfortunately, Eisenmann’s only hope for a cure lies with a woman who wants nothing to do with him—and fires up the very emotions he needs to keep in check.

As the only non-super daughter in a superhero dynasty, Tandy Nightwing has been poked and prodded for years in an attempt to find the cause behind her defect. Now that she’s finally found a way to be happy with her normalcy, the last thing she wants is to subject herself to another super scientist’s tests—but she can no more resist Eisenmann’s plea for help than she can resist the good doctor himself.

Deep in his underground lab, Eisenmann tries to maintain rigid control of his feelings, but Tandy is his personal kryptonite, constantly testing his restraint. Powerless or not, she just might be the one woman brave enough to stand close to his fire—provided they both survive when their experiments unleash a passion that burns hotter than sin.


My Thoughts

I think I have mentioned before that we really need more romances with superhero's as with the prior book, this one was just as entertaining and fun to read.  While short you still have plenty of action, crazy villains and and some pretty smokin romance...literally in a couple of instances.  Currently there are no other books in this series but I really hope we get some more as we met plenty of new characters that really should have their own stories.


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