Wellness 100

Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes - Amber French, Kari  Morris

I grabbed this one not so much for weight loss, and definitely not a lifestyle but I was looking for something to give me ideas for healthier eating, especially later at night. I have a job that requires several evening meetings each week so many times I am eating fast food (which I am soooo tired of it's not funny) on my way home or fixing some quick and easy food to eat and then go to bed which I know is the worst thing you can do but my job is not going to change so when I saw this I thought this could help. 

I liked all the nutritional information in the beginning chapters there is a lot of good information. I also liked the explanation "good" protein and "not so good" protein....the not good protein in the morning and you are hungry before lunch...I used to eat cereal all the time for breakfast but stopped because I was always more hunger before lunch then if I did not eat any breakfast, which after reading this makes a whole lot of sense now.

There are some really great recipes in here and most look pretty quick and easy, I have not tried any yet but have several bookmarked to try soon. While I can't see myself following this 100%...I can see about 30-40% of the time...I mean I can't give up my browned butter, salted caramel mocha chip cookies, coffee cake and some of my other favorites that I like to bake...so baby steps.

Good book, good information without being "preachy" and some great looking recipes.

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