Run, Wolf (Nightfall Wolf Clans, #1) - Keith Melton From Amazon - Nightfall Wolf Clans, Book 1Leah Kendrick is guilty of only one crime: loving her human mate, Tom, enough to give him the gift of The Bite. The Pack council is merciless, and the punishment swift. In an instant everything she’s ever known is ripped away, and they’re turned out into the long winter with nothing. No money, no car, and no protection from a variety of creatures who’d like nothing more than to take down a lone wolf.Friendless and broke, they form a daring plan to take back what’s theirs and chase safety north. But the Pack has other ideas. And with time running out it’s about to call their bluff…While this was an employable read, it was a bit to short. I really like Leah & don't really get to know them, it is a pretty fast paced read, lots of action...I look forward to the second book where hopefully we will find out more about Leah and Tom.