American Vampire - Jennifer Armintrout This is the first book by Jennifer Armintrout that I have read and I am hooked. American Vampire kinda reminded me of an M. Night Shyamalan film...but on to the review...Graf is our unlikely hero and he had me with his inability to use a GPS....he is on his way to a party in DC and gets lost, he ends up pulling into an abandoned looking gas station to steal a map and comes across our heroine Jessa who is slightly hysterical as she was hiding from IT....and he finds himself trapped along with the residents of Penance, where they have been stuck for the last five years. The two of them both have a bit of baggage and form an uneasy partnership. By the end of the book it's hard to tell who the real monster is, IT or the townspeople. The book had me hooked and if not for the fact that I had to work I would have stayed up all night reading. I am defiantly going to give her other series a try