Chicks Kick Butt - Rachel Caine,  Kerrie L. Hughes Nine-Tenths of the Law, Morgan Kingsley 5.5 - Jenna Black 3.5 Stars - a very short short...just enough to pull you back into the world but not really enough to give you a "fix"Monsters - Lilith Saintcrow -2 Stars - I find that Lilith Saintcrow is hit or miss with me...and this one was a miss...not sure if it is part of a series or not, it is not indicated in the anthology or on GR, but there was too much that did not make sense...what is a preserver, a prometheus, etc...and at the end it was like that it...I have one more story to read and that the Night Trackers short by Cheyenne McCray...but it has been so long since i read the first one I am going back and starting it will be a bit before I pick this one up again.The other others I have either not read anything by them or do no care for the series so other then the one story won't be reading any based on the stories read I will round it to a 2.5/3 star rating