Keeper of the Moon (The Keepers: L.A.)

Keeper of the Moon (The Keepers: L.A.) - Harley Jane Kozak 3 StarsThe Keeper’s world is a pretty interesting one and Keeper of the Moon is book 2 in a three part series, I have not read the first one yet but I had no problems following the story line so looks like these can be “stand alones” but you most likely get a better understanding reading them all (I will have to go back to book one soon but have to much to read at the moment). This story centers on Sailor a fairly new Elvin Keeper who ends up working with Declan Wainwright another Keeper who is a shifter . The story was okay, what I would call “light and fluffy” not very steamy but it is more about the mystery and murders instead of the romance. I find with the Nocturne line most of the stories are kinda hit or miss for me…I find I usually only like one or two of the stories in the series and not the others…this one was only okay for me…glad I read it but not going on the re-read shelf.