The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda, #1)

The Second Ship (The Rho Agenda, #1) - Richard   Phillips So my mom discovered this book a couple of weeks ago and kept telling me I had to read it...I checked out the blurb and was thinking I was not really in the mood for this type of book, and kept putting it off...after a few more "have you started it yet's" and finding out it was available as an audio I decided what the hell...$2.99 for the book then I can get the audio for $1.99....and when I finally finished the first book all I was left with was WOW....First I want to say the narrator for this one was great....this is one of those books that with the wrong narrator it would just ruin the story. Writing style wise, it really reminded me of [a:Michael Crichton|5194|Michael Crichton|]and his novel Next, while you have your main characters that the story focuses on, there are a lot of side stories being told and occurring alongside the main story (it may sound jumbled but if you have read Next you know what I am talking about). I don't think this is really a spoiler, but read with caution...there are no aliens, this is really about the discovery of Alien technology and what we do with what we find....and man are some of things we do scary....not much more I can say without giving spoilers...but if you are a fan of Michael Crichton, Dan Brown or other similar authors definitely give this one a shot