Miss Firecracker (Wild West Boys, #2)

Miss Firecracker (Wild West Boys, #2) - Lorelei James Willow wakes up in a sexy stranger's bed with no memory of the havoc she wreaked the night before nor was agreeing to his mandate-work for him at the tavern until she repays the damage. Or go to jail. Blake, who is "in-between" jobs at the moment while trying to figure out what to do with his life now that his father sold the ranch, is filling in at a friends bar when Willow walks through the door.Willow is a tomboy and not a "girly girl", part of the Miss Firecracker rules is that she cannot date while she has the title...which was not a big deal cause she did not have much of a social life anyway...but she is ready to cut loose with Blake.It was fun to watch these two together, Willow because she is kinda clueless on the whole dating/relationship thing and Blake because his feelings are easily hurt and because he has withheld information about himself from Willow that will come back and bite him in the ass.It was a short but fun and hot read with a good dose of humor.