Mystery Man - Audio Book

Mystery Man  - Kristen Ashley

This rating is based on the narration of the book which was not bad but not great either. The voice and tone of the narrator really do make a difference....when I read the book I liked Gwen...she was a bit clueless but mostly likable...with the narration I did not like her much and she seemed a bit whiney.....


I love audio books, but if I had not read the the book previously and had only listened to the audio I probably would not continue with the series, or the next book would be a long way off.  So far I much prefer the voices in my head for the characters than the audio versions.  If you have not read any of KA's books before, don't the let audio books out so far make the decision of reading more or not especially with this series as it just gets better and better.  I gave the e-book version of this 3.5 stars