Down to You

Down to You  - M. Leighton, Kate Rudd, Benjamin L. Darcie

2.5....not quite a 3 star read

While the book irritated me a bit in the beginning, I think it was mostly the narration, individually both narrators were good and I am of the opinion if you are going to have two narrators let the girl narrate all the girls and the boy narrate all the boys....not back and forth on the POV's because then each character has two different voices....other than that "pet peeve" of mine the narration of the story was good.

The story itself....I ended up figuring out the "twist" about a chapter or two before as far as a book being written well enough that you don't figure it out right away that was well done. Olivia as a character while I did not hate her...I did not like her a whole lot either. Cash & Nash...while appealing and certainly sexy...that was about all they had going for them for most of the book.

I was entertained by the story, I don't feel the need to move on to book two as I am not that invested in the characters, but am happy with the HFN ending....