Lush - Lauren Dane 3.5 stars ~This book was provided by NetGalley for an honest review~Lush was a very fun read and I really enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Mary and Damien....what started as a one night stand turning into something so much more. That being said there was something about it that was not quite up to par with the first two stories. I am not sure I can't pinpoint it...but there seemed to be something missing...I did not feel the same connection that I did with Daisy's and Jules' stories. Don't get me wrong Mary was awesome, Damien was HOT and man can Lauren Dane write some great, hot smexy scenes...but something about them or maybe their development just seemed a bit off, not in a bad way just in a way that was not as good as the previous books.One of the things I have come to enjoy in Lauren's books is the incredibly strong but still realistic characters she gives us..strong women and men who are all pretty amazing...but dealing and facing every day the insecurities everyone has in a budding relationship, being vulnerable to another person..letting go and trusting...which is something dealt with in this series.It is been so much fun reading these stories and it's kind of sad that it has come to an end....I really hope we get some novellas to peek in at how things are going for the Delicious gals and their men.