Bad Mouth - Angela McCallister I’m kinda torn on this one…This one sucked me in, and I stayed up way to late to finish because I had to know what happened next….but I’m not so sure how much I liked it, it was very interesting and somewhat unique perspective on Vampires and their castes. While both Val and Kade start out with some pretty heavy bigotry towards each others “race”, you can tell there is chemistry and when they finally put the bigotry behind them they begin an interesting relationship. Kade is pretty crude and snarky but it is somewhat understandable considering the types of humans he has had contact with (the worst of the worst). Val is interesting but just because 1 person screwed her over for a vampire does not explain her bigotry…but you need some type of drama or angst and I guess that works… This one gets 3 stars just because it interested me enough to finish in one go…..but am still undecided about the story itself… This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review