Aidan - Abby Niles I won’t go into a lengthy synopsis, between the books blurb and other reviews there is plenty for an overview of the book. This is the second book by Abby Niles I have read and while I enjoyed it there were some issues I had, while not huge it was enough to be distracting and keep the book from being a 4 star read. I will read the next in the series which I am assuming would end up being about either Liam or Brit…my guess is it will be Liam.What I Liked – This is kind of a new twist on the shifter “mate for life/one true love” and I found it very interesting. I liked both Aidan and Jaylin, although there were a few times that Jaylin fell into the TSTL category. The chase of Jaylin by Aidan was funny at times and a bit predictable and the world while kind of complicated was interesting.What I Did NOT Like: First the world building was kind of confusing…initially it seemed that the shifters were out to the public but then later it seemed that they were secret…not a big deal but it bugged me. It also felt like a Shifter version of “The Black Dagger Brotherhood” with odd spelling of common words to describe things like “Bahrraj” for the flood of emotions from a mate and other such words, and the rituals were just a bit to similar to BDB for me. Jaylin and the blinders she had on about being with a shifter. This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review