The Gift of Shayla - N.J. Walters I have read a few of NJ Walters books, mostly on the PNR side, this was the first contemporary erotic romance of hers that I have read. And WOW…it’s pretty hot. Even though it is a short story, there is enough background and plot that it is not just sex for the sake of sex. It is actually a very sweet story about friends realizing what they really mean to each other and one pretty awesome woman who is not threatened by those feelings. She gives the two friends the chance to safely explore what they feel for each other and the chance for Adam to explore what he also has started to feel for her, along with the chance for the three to explore what they have together…which is some pretty amazing chemistry.While everything was conveyed well in the short story I wish it was longer, I wanted to see and hear more from each of the characters but all in all I was happy with it and glad for the chance to read it.