SEAL of My Dreams - Robyn Carr,  Elle Kennedy,  Helen Brenna,  Kylie Brant,  Cindy Gerad,  Tara Janzen,  Alison Kent,  HelenKay Dimon,  Jami Alden,  Leslie Kelly,  Jo Leigh,  Marliss Melton,  Gennita Low,  Christie Ridgway,  Barbara Samuel,  Stephanie Tyler,  Loreth Anne White,  Stephanie Bo Okay so first off I have to say the best thing about this book is that the proceeds go to Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans' medical research…even if the stories in this were horrible (which they are not) I would still buy the book….For the book itself, all the stories were good and some had me in tears (I generally try to try to stay away from books that make me cry…but this one was worth it) for anyone that loves a good read about military men this is a good book to read