Pulled Long - Christine d'Abo I have enjoyed all the books I have read by Christine D’Abo, but I really enjoyed this series and this book was my favorite of the three. This was also the first straight M/M book I have read, I have read quite a few M/M/F & M/F/M so was not sure if I would like it. All I can say is WOW…Ian and Jeff are an awesome couple and the chemistry between them is HOT. Ian is carrying around a lot of guilt over things that have happened in his life and does not feel worthy of being loved. He starts to give Jeff a chance then when he realizes that he might be falling for him he starts to put the walls back up and runs away. He has to decide if he is going to let the past go and forgive himself so he can move forward or if he is going to stay in is self imposed guilt/pity party.This series as a whole is a 5 star read for me with is book being a full 5 stars on its own (I rated the other two at 4 & 3 stars)