Solstice Night - B.C. Sirrom New Review after finishing the bookSo after posting my original review in which I gave up after ½ the story (which you can read below), the author indicated that she did not feel I should rate the book as I did not finish it, after all it was provided for free with the intent to give an honest review (which I gave for the first half of the book). The person that initiated the review requested that I finish the book as they felt the author was right, if I am going to review a book I should finish it. I would like to make one point before I go on, I never once said the book was bad, I said “this one is just not for me” and I gave my reasons why. It’s not like I only read 10 pages and gave up, if that were the case I would never have attached a rating to the book. So, after the request to finish the book, I picked it up again when I got home form work after all there are only 77 pages left at this point how hard can it be…..3½ hours later……. In this world a vampires maker is an “impetus” and they are in “broods” and “clutches” my simple brain has a hard time with “his impetus was gone” , or “he is my impetus” it does not flow right or sound right to me…then with “broods” and “clutches” I am thinking of farm animals, purses and automobile parts….see how my mind wanders when I am not enjoying my reading material….At the end of the remaining 77 pages I was bored, I did not care that Beo was the daughter of Orin and that explained her immortality and powers. I did not care about all the hook ups between the other characters. I did not care that the evil was destroyed and the good prevailed. There were to many side stories and meandering of the main yet vague story line. I was bored while reading and will reiterate that “this is just not for me” it may work for you it may not but I am sticking with my one star ratingOriginal Review - when it was a DNFThis one was just not for me. I made it about 1/2 way and that took almost 2 days...normally a book of this length (if it like it) would be read in a couple of hours. The synopsis does not really give any information about the book or what the story line is....while reading you really don't have any idea what the story line is other then Beo is really, really old and powerful...oh and she is not a vampire. It may have eventually picked up and answered some of those questions but at this point having no investment in any of the characters and not really caring what happens I decided to quit.