God Save the Queen  - Kate Locke When I started the audio for this I thought it was interesting but it also reminded me a bit of Souless.....then as I continued listening I started thinking while not a bad story it is just to slow....too much information...I thought I was at least half way through and when I checked I still had a couple of hours before I reached the 1/2 way point.....I did not think I would make it.... I am glad I stuck with it. It really did pick up about half way through,Who the "bad guy" was, was very obvious so I have to think the author wanted us to figure it out early but the other twist caught me by surprise, I mean I figured she would be unique....but in hindsight there were a few clues I should have picked up on.All in all a good first book, I will definitely try the next one to see where the story goes.