Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Thoughts as I was reading….Sex on the conference room table at page 11 or 5% into the book….don’t get me wrong I do not mind sex in books at all….but when you are trying to portray sexual chemistry between two people who hate each other….a little more build up is nice at this point it feels like gratuitous sex…and it just continues…10% in stairwell sex18% in the elevator22% in a dressing room at La Perla29% masturbating in front of him, in his office while he is on the phone32% another reference as being thought of as a whore for fucking the boss 33% limo/car sex – apparently she got over thinking of herself as a whore for fucking the boss42% sex in parents bathroom while intended dinner date is at the dinner table48% Ladies restroom somewhere….then fight ensues…. 52% make up oral sex55% office sex when she is upset about some medical tests her father needs…63% hotel sex after another manic episode 66% the “morning wake up BJ” followed by you guessed more hotel sex followed by you guessed it more sex Between 85% and 95% is the blown up misunderstanding the breaks them apart…then they find there way back and end with a kiss... The name calling…I realize to this is supposed to be “foreplay” but it is not being pulled off very well in this case.Bennett’s character got better towards the end but I found no redeeming qualities in Chloe….and on the bright side, at least I can look at this one an laugh…while a bit trite and irritating at times it was not one that pushed the “this is utter crap and I hate it” buttons…I can’t say I would recommend this to anyone….and while I did not find it well written, it was not horrible either, I think there is potential with this but as it is right now, I did not find it to be an enjoyable read.Thoughts after reading….pretty much the same, I like a good romance, Contemporary, Erotic, Romantica etc but I like characters that are fleshed out, some actual plot…I can see where the authors wanted to have this “I hate you/I love you” chemistry going but it was over the top and was more silly then “erotic” or even romantic.