A Touch of Crimson - Sylvia Day So, after listening to the audio and having the full story without the minor missing pieces I have to up the rating to 4 stars....I think Luke Daniels narration helps with that as he did a fabulous job on thisSept 09, 2013 ~ original reviewThis is the first book by Sylvia Day that I have read. Some of the other reviews mention that it starts out a little slow but that was not something I noticed, the story sucked me in from the start to finish. What I found a bit difficult in the beginning was how the conversations/scenes seemed to jump around, like the airport in the beginning they were waiting to board the plane and talking, each having their own thoughts then suddenly they are in the grocery store in LA, while not a huge deal it was just a bit disconcerting…..On to the good stuff, I really enjoyed this book and the world that was created. I loved Adrian and Lindsey and the chemistry between them. Lindsey was such a likable character. I love how she takes them (Sentinels and Lycan’s) by surprise with her “hunting” skills, and the friendship she starts with Elijah was sweet and seemed to be something they both needed and hopefully will be able to continue in the future.For Adrian, I really liked how he started to see Lindsey for herself and not the part of Shadoe within her soul, and that he was able to let go of Shadoe after all those hundreds of years for Lindsey.All in all a good solid read, and by the end there are more questions then answers so I eagerly await the next book so I can find out what happens.