The Look of Love  - Bella Andre I had read the original self published version of this and then saw it on NetGalley and wanted to see what if anything changed.....I really enjoyed the first book, the first time around, while not much has changed between the two I have to say that even though most of the changes are subtle....I think I liked the first one better. Some of the additions to this version, while trying to give a little more "background" seemed to be "filler" to me, the opening chapter being the biggest change and while it was interesting, it was also repeated (same info, different words) again later in the book.All in all I did like the story, Chloe and Chase have that instant chemistry...keeping in mind, this is a shorter romance so you do have to "suspend" some belief at how quickly everything happens, but it is a fun, and entertaining read and it will be interesting to see if/how Marcus's story is changed from the original.