Extreme Love (Love to the Extreme, #1) - Abby Niles There seems to be a veritable plethora of books out with Boxers/MMA/Ultimate Fighters etc...this has no bearing on the book, just an observation where I get to use one of my old favorite "fifty cent" words.So when I started this one I was worried it was going to be similar to a book I just recently read and did not like a whole lot...my worries were for nothing. I really enjoyed this story. I liked the characters, I really liked Cait and what she has accomplished for herself and how she took that to help others and Dante was great...a bit intense but likeable from the beginning and of course the friends.To a certain point, the story is predictable, Caits insecurities are the root of the problem and while her insecurities were understandable there were a couple of times when she just needed to put on "her big girl panties" and deal. But while predictable it is still fun, entertaining and has a great HEA...which is just what I want in a book. This book was provided for free by the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review