Three to Ride (Nights in Bliss, Colorado, #1) - Sophie Oak I really liked this one, Rachel was awesome and I think my favorite scene is “Now, Rachel,” Max started with obvious trepidation in his voice. He looked like a man whose whole world had just turned over. He backed up, and she continued to push him. His back hit the diner doors. “I won’t put up with it, Max!” Rachel no longer cared that they had an audience. “I won’t put up with some possessive asshole who accuses me of cheating every time I’m out of his line of sight.” “I didn’t exactly accuse you of cheating.” Max muttered something about being wrong just before he tripped and found himself on his ass. His hat came off his head and fell to the side. It gave Rachel the perfect opportunity to make a few things clear to him. She hit him as hard as she could with the bunch of roses. “You will treat me like a lady, Maxwell Harper. You will politely ask me questions, and you will not accuse me of anything again unless you’re damn sure I’ve done something to deserve it. You will not walk into my place of business and tell the town I’m some sort of harlot. Is that understood?” Max looked up at her. There were rose petals and greenery in his hair. He looked like he wanted to argue, but he swallowed twice and replied simply, “Yes, baby.”. This is a great intro into the town of Bliss and all the interesting people who live there