Falling Fast - Cerise DeLand 2.5 starsThis falls under the "I would like some thin plot to go with all the hot sex please". This was not bad but I just like a little more to the plot then this book had.Shana thinks she ruined Kades life a few years back when she was an inexperienced reporter, so now she wants to make things right as the PR person for the rodeo he is starting...she fell for him a long time ago and is fantasizing about him during their business meeting and wondering if he realizes she is the one who ruined his life....and they end up having sex in his office....then at the B&B, then his home, and the car I think...I lost track....then they fought ( but only kinda sorta) they continued working on the rodeo but she left town to "telecommute" (hide) and finally shows up at the rodeo to tell him everything only to find out he already knew....they have their HEA.