A Little White Lie - Mackenzie McKade short but very hot read...but lies and omissions are not good people, they always comes back to bite you in the ass.Here is my synopsis - the city girl (Stella) is in the country on business, has a weekend fling with a cowboy (JD) who turns out to be the grandson of the person she pitched a business proposal to, which of course he does not mention (and she finds out before he can tell her)said grandfather then tells city girl she will get the account if she convinces grandson to take over the business sooner rather than later. They both realize they are falling for each other but how can it work, later that night she does not let him stay with her in attempt to distance herself. He comes to her hotel baning on the door to take her somewhere, turns out to be his grandfathers place where he had been previously to tell his grandfather he would take over, grandfather makes a comment to Stella about how fast she works...JD thinks he was played and storms off....Stella leaves, then leaves Montana and JD realizes he was an ass. Grandfather steps up to try to get them back together and all is right with the world again.