Chloe's Double Draw - Fiona Archer 3.5 stars So I have a dilemma I really liked this, but some parts of it were just not believable and it kinda bugged me for a bit but then I was enjoying the overall story so was able to let it go. What I had a hard time buying into were aspects of Chloe's relationship with Noah and Flynn, specifically how they went from "hello we want you and will have you" to then be "we are your Dom's" with no discussion about it whatsoever...I don't (personally) know anything really about the BDSM "lifestyle" other than what I have read in these books, but that aspect of their relationship just did not ring true to me....don't get me wrong, it was HOT and all but that aside it just did not seem right which is why it is a 3.5 instead of a 4 or 4.5. The rest of the story and secondary characters were great and who the real "bad guy" was kinda came out of left field (did not see that one coming),and I like a book that I can't figure out until the end.So now I am wondering which of Chloe's girlfriends is going to hook up next with one of Noah's & Flynn's friends...I look forward to the second book in the series.