Laid Bare  - Lauren Dane I really liked this book....and probably should have done a review the first time around...but I did not so better late then never right...I don't remember how I came across this one other then I had been reading some of Laruen Dane's other books (can't remember if it was the Chase Brothers series or one of her PNR's) and then did a search for all of her stuff came across this when it was just out and decided to give it a shot...I think it was also the first menage type book I ever read. Erin was an amazing character...everything she overcame...I can't imagine anyone going through that...and what she found first with Todd (although he was a jerk in the very very beginning) and then with Ben and again with both of them was awesome, and hot...and it made for a very good read.The whole series is a lot of fun to read so what are you waiting know you want to try it!