Carniepunk - Jennifer Estep, Rachel Caine,  Rob Thurman,  Kelly Meding,  Kelly Gay,  Seanan McGuire,  Allison Pang,  Delilah S. Dawso, Kevin Hearne When I requested the ARC my main thought was…hey, new Iron Druid short…not taking into account that while I do have books from the other series/authors…I have not actually started them yet…so at this time the review is only for The Demon Barker of Wheat Street (Iron Druid Chronicles, #4.6) As usual with just about everything from Kevin Hearne, I loved this one, and while you don’t need to have read others in the series to enjoy this, I think it will not be as entertaining and because you would not be as familiar with the inside jokes etc.And as usual, Oberon was great…he really is my favorite character (I also think he deserves a short story adventure of his own one of these days….) I am not going to share some of my favorite Oberonisms you get to find out about them all on your own.Anyway…this was 4 stars for me and at some point this year I will get to the other series so I can review the rest of the shorts in this anthology