Spider's Bite  - Jennifer Estep 3.5 StarsI read/Listened to this one as part of a challenge (I had actually started this one a couple of years ago and never finished) and while I liked it..I mean what is not to like with an opening of "My name is Gin, and I kill people", it was a bit slow going and seemed a bit drawn out...yet there was also not a lot of world building (unless I missed it while listening...my mind did wander a bit on occasion) Giants, vamps that are out durring the day (that don't sparkle) elemetals and humans...I am sure we get more as we go along in the series but a little more of an info dump would have been good.I do have the next few books in this series as amazon had them for .99 each for a short while so will definitely read at least the next two (I always try to give a series to book 3 before I decide if I will continue it or not) and see where this goes