Ascension: A Dark Breed Novel

Ascension - Sable Grace We start the story amidst Hell on earth, Kyana is a Dark Breed ½ Vampire ½ Lycan who works for the Order of Ancients. After confronting the Fates, she is entrusted with a mission to find the key to sending all the Dark Breeds back to Hell permanently. To make the mission even more difficult, she has an escort, Ryker, who spurned her attentions years ago but still remained under her skin. This is a well crafted story that gives a new take on the Gods and Goddess of Greek Mythology. In addition to loving Kyana and Ryker the secondary characters are wonderful too with some really good surprises from them….and WOW…talk about a cliff hanger…how long do I have to wait for the next book? I really enjoyed this book and the characters. What was really nice while reading this is it is not like any of the other books in this genre (that I have read) and while a few points of the book were easy to see coming, there were some good twists and turns that were very surprising and left me wanting to read more.