Under The Hood

Under the Hood - Juanita Kees I both liked and disliked this one. So I will break this out to what I liked and what I did not likeWhat I liked:I really, really liked TJ and Scott. I liked that TJ was a kick ass mechanic and what she was trying to do making a refuge for troubled teens, trying to keep them from gangs and off drugs. I liked how Scott came around and how involved he became in getting the program off the ground. And up to that point with a few minor exceptions I thought the story rocked. I stayed up way past my bedtime to finishWhat I did not like:At about 75% is where my dislike started. At this point a “sordid” person from Scott’s past makes an appearance, while I get why…I don’t think it was necessary…it just seemed kinda gratuitous… I mean it’s pretty obvious the sordid person has hooked up with the “real” bad guy (I am not a writer so I could be totally wrong…but the story would have worked fine without this person making an appearance). There is tragedy, posturing, false accusations…TJ & Scott get their HEA and while we know “who done it”…that part is just left hanging…”they are just waiting for him to make a mistake and will be there when it happens”. I was sooooo disappointed.Now maybe I am just a little to blood-thirsty….but I want the bad guy caught and to “get his just desserts” I mean it can’t really be an HEA if a part of the story is left unresolved right…now if this is going to be a series I can see leaving it where it ended…but for a stand alone/single book story to end like that really irritated me….It was like we had a well thought out story line for the majority of the book and then a rushed and incomplete ending.I would rate the first part as 4 stars and the second as 2 stars so it averages out to 3 star rating.