Makeover Miracle

Makeover Miracle - Charmaine Ross This was a cute read but very predictable, I liked Abby and watching her finally gain the confidence in herself after all the horrible things in her past was great. Quinn was okay, the reasoning behind starting the show was a good one, but character wise he seemed a bit flat What bugged me about the story - I think it could have been just fine without having Caroline as "the bad girl" trying to sabotage the budding romance between Abby & Quinn, and throwing in Abby's "Ex" towards the end....with his comments, "Abby remember me", "I've been watching you on television. Your looking good." Have you seen me I've been following you" I've come for you. Your popular. Lost some weight. How about we put aside our past....differences and I'll give you a second chance. You're good enough for me now " Seriously, that seemed like filler and really served no purpose to the story itself other then for Abby to be able to kick him in the junk and then walk away for what he did to her (she did not actually do that...but I thought she should).So the things that bugged me aside, it was cute and rate more as a 2.5 or 2.75, while glad I read it, it is not one that will be on my "re-read" shelf