Diamonds and Spurs (The Callens, #9) - Melody Snow Monroe The story opens with Mandy asking her husband for a divorce and him not believing her, she discovered that he has been running a ponzi scheme and that she is the only one standing between him and jail...she gets her divorce and runs as far away as she can, Intrigue Wyoming.Working as a guide at Samantha Callen's ranch she meets Vince and after giving him a ride home his roommate Cam who is still a bit jaded after their ex finance "took the money and ran" so to speak and she over hears Cam calling her a gold digger and takes off.....Cam feels bad and knows he needs to apologize and it takes off from there....The ex-fiance shows back up and wants Cam and Vince back, Mandy's ex-husband finds out she knows about the ponzi they just have to figure out which of the two of them are behind all the various attacks on Mandy....and of course in between all of that there is some pretty smokin sex. Book provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review