Mine to Take

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden Mine to Take….what a ride this one was, so I made the mistake of starting it in the morning so was late to work and had to put it aside and then when I finally got home I read non-stop until the end. A well written and intense ride through Skye and Trace’s past, present and future. At one point I thought I knew who the stalker was figuring it was going to be someone from her past and boy was I wrong, while it was someone from her past it was not who I thought. I don't know what it was about this book but just from how it was written I could feel the intensity and lust/longing between Skye and Trace (not sure I can describe it better than that). Definitely going on the favorites shelf and will probably re-read again soon to see if I pick up anything I missed the first time around.