The Heart of a Killer

The Heart of a Killer - Jaci Burton So far I have not found a Jaci Burton book that I have not enjoyed and this one is no different. I was immediately pulled in, the story opens with the main characters as teens. Dante and Anna were dating and Gabe, Jeff and Roman are Dante’s foster brothers and good friends. They have come to help Anna close up the ice-cream shop where she works and I found my self not quite yelling but saying “no, don’t do it” when Anna does not allow the guys to take out the trash for her….you just know something bad is going to happen.The story then pulls you into the present which is 12 years later, everyone is grown up…some of the guys like Dante and Gabe had left shortly after that night and others like Jeff and Roman stayed behind. Gabe had returned home a couple of years prior and the story really begins the night 12 years later when Dante comes home.All these years later the chemistry between Dante and Anna is still pretty hot, and it is interesting to see how they work together to solve the case they are on, along with the general interaction of all 5 of them now that they are all back together. While the story does throw out several “suspects” to the crimes I started to get an idea of who it really might be….then I convinced myself that I was wrong….sadly I was right but was not positive until I was closer to the end of the story. And I really like a story that will keep me guessing until the end.There were some interesting clues dropped about Gabe so I really hope the next book is about him as I want to know more.If you are looking for a good romantic suspense, then give this one a go you won’t be disappointed.