Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour)

Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning Wow…I liked this one as much as the first, and this is a hard one to review without giving anything away.…Jace is HOT and while a bit broken he finally gets it (what he has, what he has missed seeing the last couple of years) at the end….what was really cool with this one was getting to see him come into his own and let the wall down a little bit at a time….Aggie was AWESOME and oh so patient…while generally in my reading I’m not a fan of Dominatrix’s, and the infliction of pain to the extent that some of her clients wanted it…it was not as “in your face” as it is in some books so it did not bother me. There were a couple of heart stopping moments when the bad luck that started with book 2 seemed to continue…there did seem to be a loose end or two but hopefully we should get those addressed in the next booksThe side stories with the rest of the band members was great, it was fun to see how things were going with Brian & Myrna and Sed & Jessica and I can’t wait for Eric’s and Trey’s books.Four star read…and now I am going to pick up the audio book so I can listen to the story all over again.