Beyond Control (Beyond, Book Two)

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha So this one is a bit harder to review….at the start I enjoyed it but was thinking I did not like it as much as the first…. Dallas & Lex were making me a bit crazy with the back and forth, up and down…yikes they made me a bit crazy….then I just got sucked into the story all over again.I really like Lex and Dallas individually, but for a majority of this book (and the first) they were not great together….don’t get me wrong they have some explosive chemistry…but it was like they each expected the other to read their mind to know what they wanted/expected and did not do well then those wants/expectations were not met. While I understand why Lex & Dallas are the way they are….as the reader we are on the outside looking in so we can see what they need to do to “fix it”…and sometimes it is frustrating when they don’t see it themselves (just as it is in real life with your family and friends). But when all is said and done, it was an enjoyable read, I ended up liking it as much as the first, and will defiantly be reading the next.