~The Dragon King - Ethereal Foes 4

The Dragon King (Ethereal Foes) - Marie Harte





I have been waiting for Jentaron's book ever since I finished The Dragons' Demon in 2010.....while I wish I did not have to wait so long it was worth it. I devoured the book in a couple of hours. I liked the leader Jentaron has become and Zelec & Ella were perfect for him. I loved the humor amidst the seriousness of the coming war. The surprises of who was related to who was a bit eye-opening. We also have our other favorite characters make their appearances, Eve & Ranton, Duncan and Sapphira, James, Teban & Kihra.....good times. Makes me want to go and read them all back to back. I will leave you with some of my favorite lines.

~"I am the mightiest King in the world" he held up both hands above his head and fist pumped into the air. "Hmm. I think instead of this blank socket, I should fill it with blue flame. It would look badass. What do you think?"

~The dragons as a whole approved of Jentaron's plan, which surprised him. "It's the flaming eye" Zelec said afterward. "gives you gravitas"

There are more but these were the ones that had me laughing the most….actually the snort laugh thing that had I been drinking coffee my ereader would have been sprayed.

So if you have not read the series yet, go start with book one and work your way through, it’s a fun read.

A copy of the book provided by Author for an honest review