Points of Origin ~ Audiobook

Points of Origin - Darden North, Fred Wolinsky

Points of Origin



This is most likely a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”.  This book is just not my “cuppa tea”.  While I enjoy a good murder mystery/thriller/suspense this one just bugged the ever loving crap out of me.  I was ready to DNF after the first hour, if it was not a review book I probably would have.  I think what made it more difficult for me is the narrator; the “southern drawl” he tries to give the characters, Sher in particular,  just seems so unreal that it made it difficult to listen to.  And it took forever to get to the point; I kept going back to the blurb wondering if there was a mistake.  The amount of detail and background before getting to the actual point was frustrating, extremely repetitive and honestly most of it was boring.  I found Sher’s flashbacks and then jumping back to the  present times very disjointed and in some cases incredibly confusing, and I found Sher to be a very bland character with the exception of trying to save the person from the fire…..there was nothing very memorable about him in the first 6 hours of the audio.   


I think the biggest problem is that out of 12 hours of audio the first 6 hours of building the eventual connection between characters that bring us to the point of the story, the one you think you are getting when you read the blurb.   After the first 6+ hours the story does pick up and is a bit more interesting but then comes the ending which while a bit surprising seemed rushed and could have been wrapped up better. 


Fred Wolinsky did an okay job with the narration, I did not enjoy the southern accent at all and felt it detracted from the story, but would be willing to try something else by him.


If you like your story to meander, with side stories and the minutest detail you will most likely love this story, and there are several positive reviews, but as I said in the beginning this was just not my cuppa tea.