Crossfire: The Omega Group ~ Audiobook

Crossfire (Young Adult) Book #1 (Omega Group Series) - Andrea Domanski

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Birthdays suck! 

For her eighteenth, Mirissa Colson receives a package from the mother who abandoned her over a decade ago. The family secret it reveals transforms her life from trying on prom dresses to battling an ancient race of demons. Thanks, Mom. 

Her nineteenth brings forth an even more treacherous foe—one maniacal demi-god bent on ruling the world. So much for dating. Thankfully, the years of martial arts and sharpshooter training her ex-Navy SEAL dad put her through gives her the perfect skill-set to build upon. 

When she’s called on to save the world—literally—Mirissa finds she has a lot more in her arsenal than just a mean roundhouse kick. Burgeoning powers she previously thought impossible, like controlling the elements and sensory expansion, give her some confidence. But when she is propelled into a world teeming with preternatural beings—all with powers of their own—she finds herself outmatched and outgunned. 

CROSSFIRE is a coming of age tale that bridges the gap between the world we think we know, and the one that lies just beneath the surface



~My Thoughts~ 

This was an interesting concept but was not executed very well, the main character was not believable to me at all, there is such a thing as too perfect.  A good heroine has flaws, even superheroes. The writing seemed very disjointed to me.  Also, this is listed as young adult….that is pushing it for me, it seems more of a tween/pre-teen type book, I can honestly say that at the age of 16-18 I would not have considered this “young adult”.


The gist of the story is on her 18th birthday Marissa discovers she is not 100% human, she is descended from the legendary Amazonian women and her destiny to fight evil.  I don’t know if it was the writing, the narration or both but I did not connect relate or even really like any of the characters, I was not engaged in the story and ultimately did not care what the outcome was.


The narrator Melissa Chatwood is a new to me narrator, in general she did a good job of reading/telling the story….but something about the voice she gave Marissa just struck me as kind of whiney and petulant which is probably one of the reasons I did not care for her as a character.  The other voices used/given to other characters fine other then she seemed a bit exuberant in the narration at times.  While I would not mind listening to other books she narrates, I’m not going to run out and see what books she has done like I do with some narrators.


This may be a case of “it’s not you, it’s me” as there are many review’s and ratings that say this book is wonderful.  If you are a pre-teen/tween girl (13-16ish) you will probably enjoy this Audiobook, if your me… so much.