Silver ~ Graphic Audio

Silver (Silver Series) - Rhiannon Held


Release Date: Apr 1, 2015

Approximate Running Time: 6 Hours

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Andrew Dare is a werewolf. He’s the enforcer for the Roanoke pack, and responsible for capturing or killing any Were intruders in Roanoke’s territory. But the lone Were he’s tracking doesn’t smell or act like anyone he’s ever encountered. And when he catches her, it doesn’t get any better. She’s beautiful, she’s crazy, and someone has tortured her by injecting silver into her veins. She says her name is Silver, and that she’s lost her wild self and can’t shift any more.

The packs in North America have a live-and-let-live attitude, and try not to overlap with each other. But Silver represents a terrible threat to every Were on the continent. 

Andrew and Silver will join forces to track down this menace while discovering their own power and their passion for each other.



This one took a bit to pull me into the story, while not really slow….it took a bit to get a feel for the story, the world and what was happening, we find out the particulars as Dare finds them out.  The frustrating part of it is my mind going off in all directions trying to figure out what is happening so I would miss things and have to go back and listen again while trying to shut my brain off from trying to figure it out.  I really liked Dare even when he was being dumbass about who and what Silver is to him.  Silver was a pretty kick ass girl and despite her fear of what she went through she pulled it together  enough to take care of what needed to be done.  There are so many stories out these days about werewolves/shifters/paranormals that while still good many of them just blend together, this story did not feel like that.  Style wise it reminded me of the Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series but it was still it’s own story (it that makes sense….it does in my head….just not sure it translates well) and not one that blends in with so many of the others.  I’m not going to go into details of the story, every time I do there are just to many spoilers, and I think part of what makes the story (at least for me) was finding out what happened when Dare did as he was investigating.


Narration was fabulous, I feel very repetitive when I talk about the graphic audio narrations, but I can’t go on enough about how much I love the full cast narrations.  While some of the sound effects/music thrown in can be a bit cheesey it really works for the stories I have listened to so far.  When I am reading or listening to a book my mind processes like a movie so when you throw a full cast narration into that it really takes the story to a new level.  I know I have said this in other review’s but I will say it again this type of narration would not work for all stories….but I wish that all books could have this type of full cast narration….it just gives some much more “oomph” to the storytelling.  So go on and get the graphic audio….you know you want too


Audiobook was provided by Author/Publisher via Audiobook Reviewer for an honest review.