Dreamfever ~ Audiobook

Dreamfever (Fever Series) - Karen Marie Moning, Natalie Ross, Phil Gigante

so this was a relisten, and I caught a lot of things that I missed the first time around....and for the ending I remember how pissed off I was with the cliffhanger and the fact that I was going to have to wait a year for the answers. And while I did like the narration by Joyce Bean on the first three books....The dual narration of Natalie Ross and Phil Gigante is awesome...and just to address my pet peeve with other audios that say they have dual narration....this audio is how dual narration should be done.

My original goal going into 2015 was to listen to one book a month, to stretch out the enjoyment but I have no control, I have basically devoured the series in about 3 weeks. Tomorrow I will be starting Shadowfever and am debating weather or not to move on to Iced, then Burned....I told myself when those books came out I was going to wait until they were all done because I can't handle another cliffhanger like this book has.....