This Case Is Gonna Kill Me

This Case Is Gonna Kill Me - Phillipa Bornikova I don't know that I would compare this to Anita Blake...(at least from what I have read of that series) I ended up trying the Audio when it was available with one of Audibles "2 for 1 Credit" sales, I liked the Narrator and thought it was worth a try. It was a little weird listening at first as the narrator also does the Dulcie O'Neil series so those were the characters I heard for like the first hour...but then they took on their own life.

I really like Linnet, I could of done without some of her self doubts and insecurities but that just makes her character more realistic. I was kinda surprised at how gruesome/descriptive the murder scene was (when I'm reading or listening to a book I have a movie playing in my head of what i'm reading...that murder was not a pretty picture). I love how she stood up to Ryan and in doing so, brought most of the women on their floor together. Two other interesting characters are David and will be interesting to see where the story goes with them.

All in all a great listen and at least for the moment I am now hooked on a new series.