Surrender - Nik Flandre, Lori Perkins, Jamie K. Schmidt, Lissa Trevor This is the first and so far only "chose your story/ending" I have read and while I like the idea of having a couple of stories with one book, this one fell a little flat for me. At this time I have only read one of the options as the other three did not appeal to me.

We don't know enough about the characters to get any connection, there was no spark or chemistry and honestly I found the sex scenes to be dull and unemotional....I know with novellas it is hard to pull off the chemistry and great sex, but it can be done, I have read a few. I want to be pulled into the story, I want a connection to the characters, a reason to continue reading to find out what happens next.....I did not get that from this

The story I read was M/F & M/F/M.....when I see M/F/M I expect ménage which this did not really have.....she was occasionally having sex with her fiancé but the she also started having sex with the neighbor and only at the very end was the fiancé present to me not really ménage.

At this point I'm not invested enough in the characters to try out the other three stories but may try at a later date.

The book was provided by the Authors/Publisher for an honest review.