Storm Warrior

Storm Warrior  - Dani Harper I think this would have made a much better short story, it just kind of limped along, after the into with Morgan in Whales and spotting Rhys as the "Grimm" and then seeing him again when she returns home, the beginning was good and engaging but then it just kind of limps along...there was a bit of action with the slaying of a monster.....then Morgan being and idiot.....then a bit more with the introduction of Ranyon...more of Morgan being a closed minded idiot and more of same, and the only "big event" to happen was at the end.

I know it sounds like I did not like it, I did enjoy it but I spent the entire time listening just waiting for something to happen. I think a lot of Morgan's disbelief and some of the "every day" type stuff could have been minimized and with a shorter story it would have flowed better.

So I think I would actually give this 3.5 stars but not the kind of 1/2 that I would round up to four.