Lay It Down

Lay It Down - Cara McKenna Lay it Down
By Cara McKenna
Read by Tom Weiner
Series: The Desert Dogs Series, book 1
Runtime: 10.2 Hours
Recording: Unabridged
Release date: 8.5.2014
Publisher: Blackstone Audio

This one was a 3.5 star listen for me and I can’t quite pinpoint if it was because of “first book” syndrome or the narrator….maybe a bit of both. I did enjoy the story but it was a bit slow going and pretty predictable. Some of the internal dialogue that Vince and Kim had about each other the whole “He/She could not really want/like/love someone like me” and the other thoughts along those lines. Their chemistry was off the charts, but outside of that they were kinda “meh”

I really enjoyed the secondary characters and am interested in their stories; it will be interesting to see how Duncan Welch develops in the series and if Casey actually sticks around.

For the narration, I’m not sure how to word this, without it sounding like it was bad….. He read the book very well and he has a good voice, my issue is the voice seems more suited to the action/adventure or thriller type books not romance. Initially I was not sure if I would be able to finish listening but would have to switch over to the e-book….but I stuck with it and while the voice grew on me it still affects my overall thoughts on the book.

I will definitely give the second book in the series a try, but it will be a “make it or break it” book for me.

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