The Iron Duke

The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook

I did a re-read on this one as it was the "book of the month" in one of my GoodReads groups and it was kinda funny that I had been reading something else (can't remember what for the life of me at the moment) and something in the book made me think of this one so it had been on my mind and what better excuse for reading it again....


I really liked this one, while not a huge fan of steam-punk in general I have been very luck that so far I have picked really good ones.  Mina was awesome and Rhys.....well I don't often think about characters as "book boyfriends" but if I did Rhys would be one.  I liked that we get some mystery, homicide investigation, pirates, zombies etc there was a lot going on but you never feel overwhelmed.


The first time around I did listen to the audio (back in 2012) and thought she did a great job with the characters.